Stimming is Sensational!

The Case of Sensational Stims

This one-of-a-kind children’s book celebrates neurodiversity and supporting those with unique sensory needs. Anyone who knows or loves a neurodiverse person will enjoy this book. Watch the video now!

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What is Stimming?

What is stimming, exactly? It’s the body’s way of dealing with overwhelming sensory input, like too much noise, light, heat, etc. Stimming is also amazing and very important for people with special sensory needs, like our main character, Joey. There are lots of ways that people stim. It can look like hand flapping, hair twirling, echolalia, galloping, rocking, and many other things. It’s important to always stim safely!

From the Author

When my two-year-old was newly diagnosed on the autism spectrum, I was filled with fear and anxiety. Autism is often pathologized when it is explained to parents. After many years of learning from and consulting with #actuallyautistic people, I was empowered with authentic, helpful information about this incredible neurotype. My son began to thrive so much more and a new chapter began for our family. Neurodiversity is beautiful and should be celebrated. This work is one result of our experiences and we hope you enjoy it. -Erin Garcia

Author of The Case of Sensational Stims


Who Is This For?

This book is intended for children, and for families of children with special sensory needs. Anyone who knows or loves a neurodiverse person will enjoy this book.

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What’s the Story About?

Joey and his sister, Elise, love to have fun. That is, until something unexpected happens. They need to solve the case of sensational stims so they can go play!

From the Illustrator

I wish this book was around when I was a kid. It would have helped me understand why I need to stim.- Christian Bajusz,

Illustrator of The Case of Sensational Stims

A fun story and a beautiful representation of how to help an autistic person with their sensory challenges.

Jamie R.